DBMM Reports


Hugh's Ummayyad Arab (with Tibetan ally) v's David's Burmese @ Gary's 21 Jan 2011

  1 2 3 4  
  Arab array with Tibetans adopting a more cunning
plan than their original cunning plan
Dave still thinking
7th edition 'units'
Arabs holding back
centre and right due
to 'elephant fear'
crash into
Arab centre
  5 6 7 8  
Things get messy on
Dave's right just as
Tibetan Cataphracts
enter the fray
Arab CiC gets caught
on Dave's right as his
Spear line is getting
trodden on (NB Hugh
throws yet another '6')

Burmese Militia Cavalry conspicuous
by sudden absence

Meanwhile several Arab nobles have
gone the same way and
Elephants turn attention towards
others on the field of battle.
  9 10        
  Arab CiC survives due to
yet another 6 thrown by
Hugh !!!!!!
Elephants continues
attacking Arab CiC